Luca Indraccolo

9 to 13 December 2024

Luca Indraccolo is an Italian-born artist known for his skilful and realistic oil paintings. He specializes in figurative and narrative art.

Indraccolo studied artistic anatomy in NY under William Weltman, then drawing and painting at the Florence Academy of Art and the London Atelier of Representational Art.

His paintings have been exhibited in various galleries and art fairs internationally, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Malta. Indraccolo’s work has been published on multiple occasions in the book “40 Portrait Masters”, “Artists & Illustrators” magazine, the “Times of Malta” to mention a few.


In this course students will learn how to successfully approach portrait painting in oils. We will observe the sitter in the same sustained pose from life covering topics like anatomy, colour theory, values, edges and medium.


In this 5 day course students will learn how to successfully approach the complicated subject of portraiture painting in oils. We will observe the sitter in the same sustained pose from life to understand the planes and anatomical structure of the head and what to look for to achieve a likeness.

We will look at:

The anatomy of the skull (useful landmarks from an artist’s point of view). This will allow us to control proportions when working from life, given the inevitable subtle movements and slight changes in the pose by the sitter.

Standard proportions and planes of the head

Understanding ideal proportions is a very useful tool to be able to capture a likeness, as the individual character of a particular face relates to this basic structure.

Basic composition strategies for a portrait

We’ll look at how to place the portrait within the confines of the canvas format.

Different approaches on how to start a painting in oils

Depending on the level of expertise and confidence of each individual student, we will either draw on paper and transfer the drawing, or start directly on the canvas.

How to organize a value range to convey a convincing light impression

Colour theory and how it applies to practical paint mixingThe correct use of medium

We’ll discuss the ‘fat over lean’ principle and its benefits.

The importance of edges to achieve the impression of form

How to manipulate a background to add a sense of depth and atmosphere

By the end of the this class students will understand the stages involved in creating a realistic portrait

painting and will have learned techniques they can apply to their own work and studies going forward.

This class is limited to 10 students.

The price for this course is CHF 770.-

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